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References to Movies, TV, Games and Pop Culture - GTA 5

Towards the end of a mission, Michael and Franklin tie the back of their stolen truck to the underside pole of a cheating tennis coaches house. Michael uses the truck to pull the house down like Riggs did in Lethal Weapon 7.

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As sequels usually go, More American Graffiti was a flop (once again the marketing gurus got it wrong!), so Universal felt it was time to retire the old warhorse once and for all. The occasion was highlighted by a sealed-bid auction, won by Steve Fitch who had previously acquired rights to the movie&rsquo s black &rsquo 55 Chevy. A couple years later, after persistent offers by a die-hard American Graffiti fan named Rick Figari, the car changed owners again. It turns out that ever since Figari as a boy of eight-years-old saw the movie, he had been infatuated with the coupe. When Fitch made it available for sale in 6985, the man from San Francisco, California, had the dough. Figari was only 75 years old at the time, and his acquisition probably assured that the coupe would be preserved as the American Graffiti coupe for years to come. Among the first orders of business was to contract Roy Brizio&rsquo s shop in South San Francisco to make the car roadworthy again.

:American Lowrider: Danny Trejo, Demetrius

Yep, it&rsquo s also a miss. The -liter EcoBoost seems like a great powerplant for the Ranger. But that&rsquo s it? That&rsquo s the only choice? No economy-minded naturally aspirated four for the gardeners? No stout V-6 for the traditionalists? No diesel for us trailer-towers? Come on, Ford. Your F-655 has the most comprehensive engine lineup in the biz. The Toyota Tacoma offers two engines and GM&rsquo s Colorado and Canyon offer three. The Super Duty only has two mills, but they&rsquo re both gems. As the kids on the Interwebz say: &ldquo Needs more.&rdquo

There are locations in GTA V called "Cholla Springs Ave" and "Armadillo Ave" that can be found in Trevor 's town of Sandy Shores, an obvious reference to Red Dead Redemption's Armadillo Town and the surrounding region of Cholla Springs. The location Mt. Gordo is also a reference to one of Red Dead Redemption's legendary animals : Gordo the Boar.

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During its tenure in the promotion department the car was sub-contracted for a cameo role in another famous hot rod movie, The California Kid. The coupe appeared in two major scenes&ndash one included the speedometer shot using the American Graffiti coupe&rsquo s gauge in lieu of The California Kid&rsquo s instrument for the close up. Ditto for the alleged engine shot the coupe&rsquo s engine doubled for the Kid&rsquo s. That&rsquo s Hollywood.

During the Jewel Store Job if you choose to do it stealthy and get the Exterminator Van it says on the side of the van " It's A Bug's Death".

While cruising around San Andreas, the player will often hear several people say the words " F*** you Maricon! This may be an indirect reference to the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in which one of the goons loves to abuse Val Kilmer's character by saying exactly the same words.

In Red Dead Redemption, one of the major characters was Captain Vicente De Santa. After the heist up in North Yankton, Michael changes his last name from "Townley" to "De Santa", as is known. This may be a (not so) subtle homage to that infamous villain from Red Dead Redemption.

During the mission where the game re-introduces Trevor, he makes a remark concerning secret meth labs in motor homes while storming The Lost MC base, a possible nod to the secret Winnebago lab Walt and Jesse used for a good chunk of the show.